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Product roadmap

Keep track of potential features with an organized fractal board

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About this Template

Product roadmaps give teams visibility into what is currently being worked on, what is coming next and also what is being considered for the future.

Whether you choose to share it publicly or only use it internally, product roadmaps make the current and future direction of a product much more explicit.

This template features a simple fractal board that has feature or project cards moving from the left of the board to the right as more details are added and decisions about them are made.

We've also included a project template that uses the RICE prioritization method popularized by Intercom.

When a new project is added to the board, a simple summary of what the feature entails would be enough. As more time is taken to explore the project's potential, you can use the RICE categories to help decide whether you should move the idea to the Planned column or the Not doing column.

The RICE prioritization consists of estimating the following characteristics:

  • Reach - How many customers will the project impact (# of people)
  • Impact - What metric will the project improve and by how much (Minimal 0.25 - Massive 3)
  • Confidence - How certain you are about the values of the reach and impact (Low 50% - High 100%)
  • Effort - How much time and resources will the project require (# of person months)

Once you have those numbers figured out, you can give the project a rice score.

The rice score is calculated by multiplying (Reach * Impact * Confidence) and then diving that by Effort.

That score can help you prioritize which projects will give you the most returns for your effort.

How to use the template

The bullet journal template has two main sections, the calendar, and the monthly '⏳ Future' sections.

The calendar - A long list of months with each month containing the days for that month. You'll add your tasks, notes and events under each day.

The future logs - Each month has a '⏳ Future' section that serves as a placeholder for activities that should be completed during that month but do not yet have a specific date.

The monthly log allows you to view all the events for a given month. You create this view by clicking on the bullet for the current month and then clicking on the star ⭐️ to save that view in the left hand sidebar.

The daily log allows you to quickly jump to today and work on the day's tasks and events, and add notes. You create this view by searching for 'Today' in the menu bar and then clicking on the star ⭐️ to save that view in the left hand sidebar.

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