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Capture Everything

Workflowy is lightning fast, just open the app and start typing. Drag-and-drop files in-line, no need to switch apps.

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Files + Images

Add unlimited files and images in-line. Simply drag-and-drop.

Global Search

Instantly search through all your documents, no more lost files.

Mobile Apps

Capture anything on the go with iOS and Android apps.

Organize Anything

An infinitely nesting structure lets you organize your world exactly as you want it. Kanban boards and live copy give you ultimate control.

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Tag items to quickly filter and visually identify them.

Kanban Boards

Turn lists into super-powered kanban boards.

Live Copy (Mirrors)

Create live copies of anything. View and update from anywhere.

Analyze Deeply

Zoom in from a thousand-mile high view to a microscopic one in an instant. Collapse unimportant details and display only what matters right now.

Alternative to

Infinite Nesting

Develop deep ideas naturally without losing context.

Expand + Collapse

Focus on the forest or the trees, fly with keyboard shortcuts.


Backlink to anything, references are automatically created

Share Instantly

Dead-simple sharing permissions let you control who sees what and easily collaborate with anyone. They don’t even need an account to view or edit items.

Alternative to

No-login Editing

People you share with don’t need an account to view or edit.

Simple Sharing Permissions

Several options to share items quickly and securely.


Easily save shared items to your account for later viewing.

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